Conversations with Jaguars – September 18 ($FB, $URI, $ALGN, $ROAD, $GPI, $CUTR)


Expect oversold bounce in $FB that should carry it back to $275-280 range. $URI breakout setup with a refresh of our discussion yesterday in webinar about construction stocks showing strong relative outperformance. $ALGN channel checks directly from doctors are coming out strong and the chart is breaking out. $ROAD is the producer of asphalt and while the stock has pulled back to important support, its backlog and order growth are rising to the highest level in 3 years. $GPI has performed well since a home page article was published in July, still looking good for more upside. $CUTR is breaking out on high volume from long basing formation and has two new product launches including one for acne treatment that could become a new gold standard in industry.