Conversations with Jaguars – November 16 ($MRNA, $WRK, $BERY, $CRNC, $PANW, $PXD)


R’s over N’s. Russell over Nasdaq after $MRNA vaccine news. Expect “Buy America / Build America” stocks to rip today. Containerboard supply remains tight and another $50/ton hike is coming in Q1, good for $WRK which is bouncing off trend support and I am looking for +10% rally from here. Also reinforces our recently discussed bullish view on $BERY. Fantastic quarter from $PANW, the calendar spread should open higher +50%. Impressive breakout in former Jag Top Pick $CRNC after blow out quarter, stock to open higher +5% to new 52-week high. Lastly, bullish case best of breed shale gas producer $PXD which has the lowest cost structure and benefits from improving oil price. Oil futures are up +4.2% this morning. Copper futures up +2.3%. Expect entire metal and mining space to be hot today.