Conversations with Jaguars – November 12 ($IWM, $CAKE, $NDLS, $SDGR, $WMT, $FUBO, $EAR, $GME)


Little longer Conversations today but lots of things discussed. Look for $IWM to fill the gap down to $165 level. As covid-19 rages through the country and states announce new restrictions, we are starting to see pressure on build on restaurants per channel checks from OpenTable and BAML Debit/Credit Card Spending trends. Bad for $CAKE, $NDLS, $BLMN and others. Solid earnings from $SDGR, waiting for color from the conference call. $TRUP is selling off -7% after WalMart launches Pet Care, presenting another buying opportunity. About 19M Americans have signed up for $98/year WalMart+ since the launch 4 months ago, good for earnings next week. Look out for a new home page article on $FUBO by Jay later. Chronicle working on new JaguarMedia presentation for $EAR which could be a significant disruptive force for hearing aid. Lastly, contrarian bull case for $GME with game consoles launching that could give a bump to stock especially with high short interest.