About Us

JaguarMedia was created to bring you cutting edge research, market coverage, and actionable ideas for you to incorporate into your trading. We hope the content you find here is entertaining, informative, and most importantly enhances your portfolio – as always, the goal at the end of the day is to help you make money.

The Jaguar team is made up of professional traders who constantly hunt for trade ideas that meet very specific principles. In our experience, there are three critical ingredients necessary to create a trade setup with a high probability of success:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Indicators
  • Unusual Option Activity

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What really sets us apart is our emphasis on researching and understanding all critical aspects of every specific trade we enter. There is no substitute for the work that goes into our research. We don’t use simple algorithms or screeners to generate quick and easy ideas like many other services do.

Your individual success will depend on following a disciplined approach from entry to exit. We follow rigorous guidelines that keep us in check. The goal is to make money and nothing makes us happier than knowing our clients are growing portfolios alongside ours. All investing has to start with a set of rules and guidelines. Without rules, there is no discipline. Without discipline, there is no profit.


Fahad Khalid is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of JaguarAnalytics. After leaving Michigan State University with a master’s degree in accounting, Fahad began his career at Deloitte & Touche. He also has extensive experience providing turnaround and restructuring services to financially distressed firms while at Alvarez and Marsal. For the past 10 years Mr. Khalid has been a full-time professional trader, including 6 years at OptionMonster serving as editor of the highly successful Open Order Pro newsletter. Mr. Khalid’s extensive educational and professional experience brings a unique talent and approach to picking trade ideas based on three critical ingredients: fundamentals, technicals and unusual option activity.

Tom Joy is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of JaguarAnalytics. The first twelve years of his career was spent in the engineering field, developing, selling, and deploying robotic and automation systems for the automotive industry. After completing an MBA in information systems management, he transitioned fully into finance. Wanting to find a better way to deliver good old-fashioned, fundamental research for investors, he founded JaguarAnalytics with Fahad Khalid. The Jaguar team brings together expertise in fundamental research, macroeconomics, complex systems and technical analysis. Since inception in 2015, he has continued to build out the Jaguar brand and develop the level of services offered for all traders and investors.

Joe Canas is the Chief Technology Officer at JaguarMedia. Over the past decade, he was Director of Technology within the options education divisions of E*TRADE, OptionsHouse and OptionMonster. Previously, Mr. Canas was the Portal Strategist at Genentech, where he led web initiatives for the sales and marketing organization and managed the company’s compliance with SEC insider trading regulations. Mr. Canas has also created award-winning information delivery programs, portals, applications and services for Nortel Networks, Siemens, Amdocs, and ZDNet.

Jay Kunstman photoJay Kunstman is a Research Analyst for JaguarAnalytics. Upon graduating from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Finance and Economics, Jay began his career as an equity options trader at the Chicago Stock Exchange. Since leaving the CHX in 2008, Mr. Kunstman has been an active investor and has been managing portfolios for family and friends. Always striving to find inefficiencies in the market, Mr. Kunstman has a unique talent for consistently identifying disconnects in the fundamentals of a company vs. street expectations, all with a close eye on positioning in the option market.


Chronicle Yu is a Research Analyst for JaguarAnalytics. After completing his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering and Financial Mathematics in Canada, he now resides in Asia where he co-runs a small enterprise while actively trading and investing in US and APAC equities in a non-professional capacity. Due to the time difference and generally slower pace of Asian markets, Chronicle focuses on finding opportunities on a 6+ month horizon by using his own unique systematic qualitative and quantitative process to generate thematic long/short ideas, “secular decline” short ideas, buy+hold investments, and market/sector-neutral pair trades.