Conversations with Jaguars – March 19 ($WERN, $PEP, $MNST, $BBY)

Please note today is the last free distribution of JaguarMedia production. After this Conversation, all future productions of any kind in JaguarMedia (Conversations and series) will be sent exclusively to Jag Pro clients. For the last 9 months we’ve been pitching nonstop rotation from Growth to Value and “Buy America / Build America” theme. If you are tech heavy in your portfolio, you are getting destroyed every day, while basic cyclical groups continue to hit new 52-week high. Discussion of trucking company $WERN ahead of conference next week with chart setting up for a breakout. $PEP and $MNST on watch with new product rollout announcements. Lastly, a bearish case for $BBY with YoY comparisons getting tough.