Conversations with Jaguars – March 9 ($FSR, $NIO, $LI, $XPEV, $ZTS, $NWS, $SURF)

If history is any guide, we will likely see about $170B of this $1.9T stimulus to find its way in the stock market and GenX and Millenials will likely go after EV stocks that have been decimated lately. Discussion covers $FSR $NIO $LI and $XPEV. Bull case for $ZTS after recent pull back with two products under development to be incrementally positive for top line revenues. Bull case for $NWS after Rupert Murdoch bought $12M worth of stock in the open market on March 5th per SEC filings. Lastly, $SURF quarter wow! Reports Q4 revenues of $87M vs $42M estimate. This is a biotech we turned bullish back in November and recently Cathie Wood has been loading up on the way down.