Conversations with Jaguars – February 1 ($MUX, $ASM, $XBI, $IGMS, $KBR, $REMX)

Time to take profits in $MUX with position up +40% since entry last Thursday. Giddy up! Did you know Biotech ETF $XBI is up +8.5% YTD vs S&P down -1.1% YTD? Goldman Sachs is pointing out that 2021 has started with strong institutional positioning in emerging biotechs, more than any other sector. Bull case for $IGMS which is running the “best-in-class” clinical program to produce antibodies for treating cancer. Bull case for $KBR after recent pull back with growth rate accelerated sequentially. Lastly, time to take profits in Rare Earth Metal ETF $REMX that’s up +100% in the past 3 months since Trump signed the executive order in October.