Conversations with Jaguars – January 21 ($FSLY, $CIEN, $SI, $MNST, $SAM, $HOG)

$FSLY and $CIEN are catching analyst bullish upgrades this morning, both stocks on the move. Look out for Jay’s update on $SI with a new homepage article soon. Stock has made a killing for many Jags over the past few months, resting currently with crypto pull back. High level view of the hard seltzer category that applies to $MNST and yesterday we saw small pick up in $SAM calls with it’s chart resting at support. Lastly, bull case for $HOG ahead of Feb 2nd Analyst Day and launch of all-electric motorbike that doesn’t look anything like a traditional Harley bike. Will this catch on with trendy younger population? Could Harley be one of those sleeper EV plays that could provide substantial upside?