Conversations with Jaguars – January 7 ($WBA, $TT, $ELY, $COE, $SPCE)

$WBA is making an accelerated investment in VillageMD, a pharmacy clinic business to open 500 to 700 stores in 30 states. This is long term positive while stock is down -50% from 2018 high. $TT was covered as pure play in one of 5 key theme stocks in Jag Q1 Outlook and this morning BAML is upgrading from Sell to Neutral. Extended bull case for $ELY with very impressive channel checks and improving TopGold perspects. Preview of Episode 6 of Chinese Tech Demystified series in JaguarMedia which covers under-the-radar education tech company $COE, sets up for breakout after 10 months of consolidation. Lastly, expect $SPCE to bounce today as company’s tweets about corrective measures already taken.