Conversations with Jaguars – November 25 ($ANGO, $GOGO, $BLMN, $J)

Between Jun-Oct period 4 times we provided a bull case in $ANGO. This morning RayJay is upgrading to Strong Buy and stock is popping sharply. Time to book gains and step aside. Giddy up! $GOGO breakout setup and seeing heavy accumulation in Jan 10 and 11 calls recently after announcing sale of CA biz. Preview of Sunday’s Weekend Research and high level discussion of “Tender Shacks” which are being rolled as commercial / ghost kitchens by $BLMN, $EAT and $CMG to reinvent the restaurant industry during the pandemic. Review of $J earnings report, which is a Top Pick in Jaguar Q4 Outlook and Jan 95 calls have now doubled.