Conversations with Jaguars – November 9 ($IWM, $BA, $SPY)

“Confidence is the cheapest form of stimulus.” Halted: Russell 2000 futures on limit up +7%. Dow futures up +1715 points or +6.1%. S&P futures up +156 points or +4.4%. Nasdaq is the weakest of all currently up +185 points or +1.5%. Crude oil is having its best day since May, up +10% currently. All airlines stocks are up +20% to +30%. Cruise ships higher by +30%. Restaurants higher by +15%. Pfizer says its covid-19 vaccine data shows its 90% effective, which is substantially better than the highest street estimate of 70%. Purely technically speaking, S&P target is now 3860. Optimism after Biden election win, ample Fed liquidity, vaccine development, prospects of fiscal stimulus, weakening US Dollar boosting multinationals and emerging markets, easing global trade tensions under Biden, and improving macro environment. Many reasons to like this market. Jay provides preview of upcoming two new series in JaguarMedia. The first one called “Diamond in the Rough” will be focused on small and mid cap high growth stocks. The second one called “JaguarConsumer” will focus on specific calls about consumer names benefiting from product cycle in current environment.